Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to figure out expiration date on L'Oreal products?

Does L'Oreal put manufactured date on their cosmetics??How to figure out expiration date on L'Oreal products?
Commercial products like L'Oreal won't have expiration dates because they are chock-full of all sorts of [often harmful] chemicals to preserve them 鈥?granted microbes aren't exactly a picnic either.

Cosmetics and toiletries are put into two categories; Category-1 and Category-2.

Category-1 is anything used on children under the age of 3 years old or that comes in contact with mucosa (eye make-up or lipstick for example) and Category-2 is everything else.

It is all to do with the acceptable levels of microbes in the products; no microbes should be detectable in 0.5 grams of a Category-1 product, and no microbes detectable in 0.1 grams of Category-2 product.

I believe if a product will fall below these or otherwise go bad under two years they have to have best before dates by law 鈥?thus why products from the likes of Lush have best before dates on them, because unlike companies like L'Oreal they use more natural ingredients and fewer harmful preservatives.

If something is looking or smelling odd, if you have spit in it, if it has been sitting somewhere warm or sitting open for a long time, if you have had it for a couple of years (or in the case of Category-1 products, 6+ months), if you have spit into it (yes some people are that gross), if you have thinned or watered it down, etc. then it is time to throw it out.How to figure out expiration date on L'Oreal products?
A good rule of thumb is..

Replace all of your eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow every 6 months.

Replace everything else once a year.

This keeps bacteria levels down and it guarantees that you aren't wearing a shade that went out of style 3 years ago.
I don't think so, but you're supposed to throw away makeup that's been opened more than a month. Hope that helps.
They dont have one you throw them away after a month or 2
maybe - call them and ask!
I am not sure but mascara should be discarded every three months due to bacteria build up. The best thing to do is do a makeup overhaul every year.
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